FPCS Online Code of Conduct 

And Policies For Virtual del Fuego 2021


FirePony Creative Society (FPCS) strives to keep the number of rules to a minimum; however, certain types of online behavior serve only to harm other participants or the event itself. Radical inclusion means that strangers are welcome to participate in our community; it does not mean tolerance of harmful behaviors. 

Just as the landscape of any burn impacts its unique rules, the virtual landscape presents its own set of challenges. This document identifies behaviors and actions that will not be tolerated in any virtual spaces sponsored by FirePony Creative Society, including Virtual del Fuego (VDF).  In addition to the conduct detailed below, participants of any FirePony Creative Society-sponsored events are expected to comply with all federal, state, and local laws.  

Incident Reporting

Prohibited Online Behaviors

The following types of behavior and content are unacceptable at any FirePony Creative Society-sponsored online/virtual event.  

Consent violations.  In a virtual world, consent violations include, but are not limited to, unwanted sexual, violent, graphic, or racist expression, behavior, depiction, video, image, audio, chat, conduct, gesture, symbol, and/or discussion (“content”) without the express consent of the involved participants.  Includes any depictions, incitement, or conduct involving non-consensual sexual acts, as well as doxxing, blackmail, and re-sharing of VDF content without the consent of all parties involved (see Media Policy, below).

Bullying.  Any content  that intimidates, abuses, menaces, or threatens participants and has the intention to exclude, silence, shame, or degrade a participant (or group) or incites others to do so.  Includes all manner of stalking and harassment.

Stalking/Harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone or stop communicating with them, continued engagement with them or following them from virtual room to room is considered stalking/harassment. Any content consisting of verbal assaults, threats of violence or harm, degrading or shaming speech, humiliation, and repeated unwanted contact are considered harassment.

Hate Speech.  Any content, speech, conduct, or expression that consists of attacks or incitement of attacks against an individual or group of people and is defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender expression, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, health status, or any identifying characteristic. Hate Speech includes slurs and the incitement of hatred or violence against these groups. Also includes praise and glorification of terrorism, organized crime, hate groups, and/or dangerous indivudals or groups. 

Hate Speech that is shared in an educational, historical, satirical, or artistic manner with the spirit of challenging it or raising awareness must clearly declare their intention surrounding that content, speech or expression.

Deliberate Derailment of an Online Event or Conversation.  Any content that is unwelcome and intentionally controversial, contrary, repetitively off-topic, deliberately instigates anger or unwanted arguments, and/or any other content or conduct with the purpose of derailment or interruption of any online event, stream, or conversation.

Endangering Self or Others.  Includes depicting, inciting, glorifying, instructing, teaching, or engaging in self-harm or harm to others in any way.

VDF Media Policy 

Consent Required.  Due to the nature of the internet and the platforms involved, privacy can not be guaranteed for participants or for any content within or through VDF. However, as VDF is a consent oriented community, participants are required to get direct and unambiguous consent of all involved parties before saving or re-sharing of any content obtained during the event (including screenshots).

VDF content may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent of the FirePony Creative Society Board of Directors.

Minor Children Under 13

No Accounts for Children Under 13 MInors under the age of 13 are welcome to participate at VDF; however, they are not able to make an account at VDF. Participants under the age of 13 must have a parent or legal guardian create the account and the parent or legal guardian must be present at all times while a child under 13 participates at VDF.

VDF Adult Content Policy

Adult content (“18+”) is defined as any explicit sexual content and / or nudity for erotic purposes or of an erotic nature. 

In an online world, these three Principles collide in new ways. The VDF team has worked hard to come up with a balance that allows freedom of expression while protecting the organization, and has come up with a series of policies to manage this conflict which all participants will be required to uphold.  

VDF is on its own server, and 18+ content and activity is allowed, including explicit sexual content and activity. To ensure minors do not have access to this content, VDF requires all participants to self-identify their 18+ content, to not allow lurkers when 18+ content is present, and to monitor minors in their home.

Self Identify:  

No Spectator Rule:

Self Monitor: 


Repercussions.  Participants in violation can be removed from VDF rooms or the event, depending on the severity of the transgression.

All removals from the event will result in a FirePony Conduct Committee case to review for additional repercussions, up to and including the suspension from participation in one or more future FirePony Creative Society-sponsored events (such as Playa del Fuego and Constellation). Other actions, such as a formal warning or a removal from volunteering are also possible. Transgressions that violate federal, state, or local laws will be escalated to the appropriate authority. 

Fine Print

Nothing herein is intended to or shall waive the right of the Board of Directors of FirePony Creative Society to restrict the access of an individual or entity to any FirePony Creative Society event as it may determine, in its sole discretion, is warranted.

FirePony Creative Society is the trade name for Playa del Fuego, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Maryland.

May 2021